About Us

About Us

It all starts and ends with the management team.
We are proud to introduce the most professional team you've ever met, Radium Online Team.
Our team is a team that consists of a several professional ex-players that have played this game from the very beginning, and acquired certified developers that do this profession as their day to day job.

We love you, Souss. Introduce yourself!
Alright. My name is Souss originally from France.
I have a speciality in game development using Unity-3D developing indie-games.
As I love computer I also have other IT knowledge like SQL, web development, photoshop and video editing.
I also manage the IT in my company, I'm an admin on the ERP open source using SQL postgres and also develop a manufacturing software and code useful programs.
With all the knowledge I have acquired, I feel comfortable to develop with my team Radium.

FrictionF0, what do you have to say about yourself?
Not much. I’m a former player myself, I have studied computer science in the university, specializing in networking protocols, web development and the one I like the most; reverse engineering. I have built a complete Web CMS especially for Radium. It made me work with cool stuff like CRB reader for viewing guild emblems on the website or with researching for formulas to show item stats on the website.
I like this realm. I have worked with Iso for as long as I can remember, building the most insane features you may dream of. But enough of me, maybe he could tell you a bit more.

Alright Isoline, it seems to be your turn.
Hey everybody, I’m Iso,
Most of you already know me from the sro scene, even as a former player in cap 80 back in 2005.
I’m a certified computer science engineer, with a specialty in software development in the .NET framework in particular. I do all kinds of backend development, anything you can think of. But those I love the most are those that related to SRO, like the SRProxy In which I have been developing for more than a year. I just can't get enough of this game.

What are you doing here Supaplex?
I'm a ....

Team Agenda
In Radium, we believe in the saying - “If you want something done right, do it yourself!”.
Everything you see on Radium is built by our own team, you won’t see us renting services of other parties thus enslaving ourselves.
Everything we use in this project is entirely our own work, so we are not dependant on anything.
This fact may be overlooked by players, but it makes the difference between an amateur and a professional.