Global Features


Radium system version is 2.5.0
2 Races: European, China
Job system: The old one with an extension of radium points
Clients Limit: Individual per server based on HWID


Anti-cheat: protection against exploits, DDOS, and advanced systems to prevent corruption.
The game server is located in one of the most stable data centers.
Permanent user support and stable online by the responsive project team in many exclusive platforms.
Special chat window inside the game for support only with fast answers from the whole team.
Advanced system for hiding the character's identity in events.
Special window with amazing features for Radium. For more info read the FAQ in the server websites.
New abilities in the game to change the name, models, reset skills and more.
The perfect balance for the races.
The game server operates 24/7/365, with the exception of the planned technical work / game updates, which are announced in the site news.


Solo Survival Duo Survival Squad Survival Boxing Madness Last man standing Pandora Happy Hour


Solo Survival - Once a day at 09:00 PM server time.
Duo Survival - Once a day at 06:00 PM server time.
Squad Survival - Once a day at 02:00 PM server time.
Boxing - Twice a day, at 04:00 & 10:00 PM server time.
Madness - Once a day, at 05:00 PM server time.
Last man standing - Once a day, at 03:30 PM server time.
Pandora - Every Saturday, beginning at 04:00 PM server time.
Happy Hour - Every Day, random hour between 12:00 PM and 10:00 PM server time.